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for little people with BIG personalities 


Why not IKEA?

Hi there,

 I am a passionate SEN TA & small business owner with a keen eye for home décor. As a busy mother of two young boys - Jasper and Rory paired with the rising costs of living, I have found that IKEA is my first port of call for affordable home furnishings that are both functional and cost-effective. However, as much as I love their products, I sometimes find myself yearning for something a little more aesthetically pleasing... enter Toddle&Play!


I started Toddle & Plays exclusive range of stickers to give the Trofast storage unit an unmatched personal touch. Meticulously crafted from high-grade vinyl, these stickers promise longevity and resilience against every day wear and tear. Application is child's play – literally. Within minutes, watch the unit radiate a new charm.

But what sets these stickers apart? Their design versatility. Be it the endless horizons of outer space for the young astronaut, the mystical fairy tales for the dreamy princess, the complex formulas for the budding scientist, or the canvas of colours for the little artist, there's a design waiting to resonate with every child's unique personality. The key takeaway? You're not just decorating a storage unit but crafting a personal story.



Is your little one obsessed?

If you have an idea for a design you would like to see featured on one of our Trofast strips please get in touch. I work with UK designers and I am always looking to add to the collection. 

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