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Bring your own uniqueness and a new lease of life to the IKEA Trofast storage tubs with our stunning Rainbow design. 


Our prints are the ultimate addition to engage your children in play and upgrade the pretty dull IKEA Trofast storage boxes. This hack will instantly transform your toy storage, making any room more fun with  Raibow vibes. 


The unique end wrap designs are printed on premium vinyl while having a seamless curve which sits perfectly wrapped on the storage box. These stunning wraps are not only beautiful but have been cut to size to make application easy for all with a bubble-free application. 


Please not the wraps fit half of the box, (fronts only) 


For best application, we recommend removing the print from the backing and placing the centre in line with the centre of the box, then firmly push your fingers following the print to the ends. Each box takes under 20 seconds to apply.


See photos for size guide :) 


*IKEA box is not included.
* Price is Per Wrap


PrezzoA partire da £3,49
  • Please see our detailed "how to guide" 

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