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Introducing the ideal solution for that in-between age, where a desire for toys meets a growing consciousness of appearance – our VANs-inspired Checkerboard Trofast Vinyl Sticker! This product strikes the perfect balance, offering a touch of playful style while catering to the evolving tastes of those transitioning to a more design-conscious phase.


Transitional Design: Our Checkerboard Trofast Vinyl Sticker is crafted with a design that bridges the gap between childhood and a more refined aesthetic. The iconic checkerboard pattern, inspired by Vans, effortlessly blends youthful exuberance with a stylish edge.


Encouraging Creativity: This product fosters a sense of creativity, allowing individuals to experiment with personalisation without compromising their evolving aesthetic preferences. Mix and match with other stickers or use it as a standalone statement piece.


In summary, our Checkerboard Trofast Vinyl Sticker offers the perfect solution for those in-between years – a seamless blend of playful nostalgia and style-conscious design. Let this sticker be the bridge that accompanies individuals as they navigate the exciting journey from childhood to a more refined sense of self-expression.

VANs Checkerboard

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