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Join the anticipation and reserve your access to the most coveted experience of the season – the unrivaled 'Embroidered Elegance Advent Calendar.'

Introducing Toddles Pocket Advent Calendar – a celebration of elegance and tradition that (in true Toddle&Play fashion) transcends the ordinary. Unveil the magic of the season with this meticulously crafted masterpiece, where each day brings a delightful surprise wrapped in sophistication.


Immerse yourself in the magic of our advent calendar, with finely embroidered elements on every pocket, creating a tapestry of timeless beauty for your home. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in every stitch, as we have carefully crafted intricate designs that elevate the calendar to a work of art.


The Toddle & Play advent calendar exudes luxury and refinement. The pockets, sprinkled with delicate embroidery, not only hold cherished surprises but also serve as a visual feast for the senses. The rich textures and vibrant colours create a visual symphony, making this advent calendar a statement piece in any setting.


Indulge in the joy of anticipation as you watch the family open each pocket to reveal your carefully curated treasures within. From miniature works of art to yummy treats, each surprise reflects the spirit of your own personal season of Christmas, encapsulating the joy and wonder of Christmas.


Our Pocket Advent Calendar is more than a countdown – it is a testament to the artistry of the season and a tribute to the joy of giving. Whether displayed in your home or gifted to a loved one, this calendar is a symbol of sophistication and thoughtfulness.


Celebrate the Christmas season with a touch of luxury and tradition. Elevate your festivities with the unmatched charm of our Embriodered Pocket Advent Calendar – where every pocket tells a story, and every moment is a celebration of magic and joy.

Embroidered Pocket Advent Calendar

PrecioDesde 49,99£
  • Approximately
    77 cm Length  x 47cm Width 

  • There are number of ways to hang your calendar:

    1)3M Command Self-Adhesive Damage Free Hanging Clear Decorating Clips  click here to view

    2) Command Decorating Clips, Pack of 20 Mini Hooks and 24 Small Strips, Transparent - Hanging Clips for Decorations - click here to view

    Toddle & Play takes no responsibility if damage occures when hanging your wall hanging. Setting up your Calendar is soley the responsibility of the person hanging the Calendar. 

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