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Revamp your IKEA Trofast storage units with our charming Volkswagen Camper IKEA Trofast Stickers! These high-quality, durable vinyl stickers bring the timeless adventure and free-spirited vibe of the classic Volkswagen Camper right into your home.


Why Choose Our Volkswagen Camper IKEA Trofast Vinyls?

Our Vinyls not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your storage units but also spark creativity and a sense of adventure. They turn ordinary storage solutions into captivating decor pieces, making organizing fun and inspiring wanderlust.

Volkswagen Camper

Preisab 4,99£
  • Its very simple:

    • wipe clean
    • peel your vinyl
    • stick down from the middle
    • smooth out to the sides

    If you would like more detailed instruction please see our  "how to guide" 

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